About Us/ Development History
In 1946, Jianhua Motor Factory was founded. 
In July 1950, Guanghua Motor Factory was founded. 
On July 1, 1954, Guanghua Motor Factory incorporated with Xinyuan Hardware Equipment plant and founded Xinguang Motor Factory.
On January 15, 1956, Changsha Motor Factory was founded. It was authorized by Changsha Municipal Government. It was joint 
state-private owned and it was affiliated to Changsha Mechanism Industry Department.
In 1962, the joint state-private ownership changed to local-state ownership.
In 1964, the local-state ownership changed to state ownership.
In April 1978, Changsha Motor Research Institute was founded with the authorization of Hunan Mechanism Office.
In April 1990, it was authorized as State Second-grade Factory.
In July 1993, it was enhanced to be State Second-grade Large Factory, which was affiliated to the Municipal Economic Committee. In that year, the sales broke 105.6 million RMB, which was the highest in history. 
In September 1993, it was called as one of the 500 largest motor manufactories in China by the National Bureau of Statistics of China. In 1993, the income was over 0.1 billion RMB. The profit and tax is 8.1 million RMB. In 1994, it's profit and tax is 11 million RMB. Since 1995, the profit and tax was successively over 10 million. As a result, it became one of the largest tax payers in Changsha, so that it was awarded as Hunan Double Civilization Construction Advanced Unit and Changsha Civilization Construction Model Unit. 
On December 31, 2004, Changsha Motor Factory Co., Ltd was founded. As its trademark was Changli Brand, it was called as Changli Group. On January 25, 2005, Changsha Municipal Government publicized 63 key projects for 2005, the new factory of Changsha Motor Factory Co., Ltd was the 49th, which was the only key project for industrial projects. 
On March 14, 2005, Changli Brand three-phase induction motor was called as consumer trusted product by Changsha Consumer Committee.
On November 9, 2005, Changsha Motor Factory Co., Ltd publicized the ten strategic goals for specialization Development.
In December 2006, it got the certificate of Changsha Technology Center from Changsha Municipal Economy Committee.
In March 2007, it signed contract of several million RMB with the office in Shanghai of a world famous enterprise. The contract said, Changsha Motor Factory Co., Ltd provide the parts of motors and the other part will assembly them in America. It opened the history of cooperation between China and America in manufacture of motors.
In the morning of October 27, 2007, Changsha Motor Factory Co., Ltd held the ceremony of factory transfer in Tianxin Huanbao Industrial Garden in Hunan Province. There, the vice secretary of Changsha----Mr. Wu Zhixiong and some other principals of Tianxin district participated and the board chairman Tang Zhaohui welcomed them. 
On December 4, 2007, the board chairman Tang Zhaohui was selected as commissioner of Changsha Political and Consultative Committee on the 20th meetings of the 9th Standing Committee of Changsha Government.